Product Review: Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid

I was looking for ways to improve my blending and the local art store recommended Golden’s Acrylic Glazing Liquid for the job. Acrylic Glazing Liquid (AGL) is an acrylic medium + retarder. It is recommended for glazing since you can add a small amount of pigment to it and create some very transparent paints.

The description for this product says that it is good for blending and glazing so I decided to run some tests on the product. I compared several mixtures to evaluate their drying time; straight heavy body paint, heavy body paint + liquid medium, heavy body paint + AGL and heavy body paint + extender.

The paint and paint + liquid medium dried at the same rate. Both paint +AGL, and paint + extender dried at the same rate and dried quite a bit slower than the paint (about 3 times slower). Extender without paint in it never dried in 12 hours.

From Golden’s product description, “AGL is a mixture of acrylic polymers, retarder, water and Acrylic Flow Release (which contributes to its leveling and thickness attributes)”. I have used it on a number of paintings and have not noticed any leveling effect although it is a bit thinner than my normal liquid medium.

This product is good for blending because of the slower drying time.

However, I don’t think it is a great product for glazing. For glazing I want to have a product that dries quickly so that I can get on with the next coat. For glazing, I think it is better to mix liquid medium with your paint instead of AGL.

Click here to see an introductory video on blending

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